Frequently Asked Questions



Q  When should I contact you to discuss the flowers for my wedding ?

It really depends on your planning process. It can vary from 2 months to 1 year +. For the busiest months of the year (Sep - May), the earlier you contact us the better. We found that around 6-12 months in advance will give you enough time to plan and organise everything. The bookings are only confirmed once a 10% non-refundable deposit has been received. 

Q  Do I get to sit down and go through what I want with you before booking ? 

Definitely! I always like to meet you in person before you make the decision to go ahead with us. We offer one complimentary consultation before you make the decision to book with us. The consultation usually takes around 1-2 hours. In the consultation, we will go through everything you want to know about your wedding flowers. We will discuss your inspirations, ideas and expectation about your wedding. If you are not available for face-to-face meeting, we can talk on the phone or Skype.

Q  What do I need to bring to the consultation ?

Basic information such as wedding location, date & time, the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, the number of the family members that needs corsages or buttonholes, the number of the guest tables.

Additional information such as your Pinterest photos of your inspiration and ideas of what your dream wedding will be like. 

Q  How can I secure my wedding date ?

We ask for a 10% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. You can still make changes after paying the deposit. The remaining balance is due two weeks before your wedding date where no changes are allowed. 




Q  How much should I budget for wedding flowers ? 

It is the general rule that you should allow around 10-20% of your total wedding budget for the flowers. However, how much you actually spend depends on a lot of factors, such as the size of the wedding, the flower types you choose, the complexity of the arrangements and logistics etc. We will go through all these details with you in our first consultation.

Q Do you have a minimal spending?

We don’t have a minimal spending at the moment because we always like to talk to you first and work something out together. With our past clients, we found that they tend to spend $2,500 - $4,000 for a simple look and more for a fancier look or with more installations.

Q  Why are wedding flowers expensive?

There are a lot of designing, planning and caring behind your wedding flowers. We put a lot of effort in choosing the best flowers from the market and designing the arrangements for you. We also coordinate with vendors to make sure your flower logistics goes smoothly. It it very different from buying a bunch of flowers at your local supermarket. 

Q  Why can the prices of wedding flowers be so different between different florists ?

Each florist has their own method to calculate their price, and their interpretation of your inspirations and ideas will considerably affect their price. Good communication with your florist regarding your expectations and budget would really help.

Q  How do I control my budget when ordering my wedding flowers ?

Be flexible with your requirements. In most cases, brides like gorgeous flowers and they are expensive. Seasonal flowers are always at its best value when it comes to price, and sometimes quality too. We use a mix of premium and seasonal flowers for all our arrangements to ensure the quality and achieve certain looks. If you want any specific flowers in your arrangements, that usually comes with a cost. For example, peonies in winter are very expensive as they are imported and they are not always available. 

Maximise the use of the flowers. For instance, re-use the chair ends flowers for the welcome table, use your bouquet as signing table flowers, move the ceremony statement flowers to reception if time allows etc.

Q  Do you have a wedding package?

We work closely with our wedding clients and we pride ourselves in offering something unique to each one. We appreciate each client's inspiration and we work really hard to meet their expectations. Therefore, we don't have a package that is suitable for everyone. 



Q Can I take the flowers home after my wedding? And how long will they last?

Absolutely! Please ask families and friends to take them home so you and they can enjoy them longer.

As to how long they can last, it really depends. Usually flowers have a life span of 3-7 days, shorter in summer and longer in winter. We buy your wedding flowers from the market around 1-3 days ahead to allow them to open so they are in their best shapes on your wedding date. We put them in the air con or cool place to keep them fresh. 

For bridal party flowers, as they are out of water and been handled all day, they probably won’t last long after your wedding. For other flowers, if you give them a cut, put into fresh water after the wedding and change water every 2 days, they probably will last for a few days.

Q Would you be able to use any specific flowers for my wedding?

If they are in season and available in the week of your wedding, of course! Sometimes, the flowers or colours you are after are available the week before your wedding and the week after, but for some reasons, they are just not available in your wedding week (and that happened). As we are working with Mother Nature, you need to be flexible with the flower options and trust us with substitutions if what you want is not available.

Q About the flowers we use

We use a mix of premium and seasonal flowers for all our arrangements to ensure the quality and achieve certain looks. We try our best to source the best flowers for you. We do allow flowers to open before using them in your wedding so they are in their best shape on your wedding day and in your photos. In saying that, when you take flowers home from your wedding, they will still look pretty but their life span will be shorter than usual.

We also sometimes use dry flowers to add more texture if necessary. We also use flowers with quirky stems as we appreciate Mother Nature and this is what inspires us.    



We are trying our best to use less foam for our weddings and events for a few reasons. First of all, the foam is not biodegradable, so it is not good for our environment. Secondly, I think the flowers look more natural in chicken wire (foam substitute) as it allows more movement in flowers and foliage. It is also better for the flowers as they are in water so they can keep fresh for longer.

We are not saying we don’t use foam at all. For some designs, e.g. bridal table garlands and arches, we do use foams to achieve certain styles and design, but for designs like guest tables, we tend to use chicken wire in vessels to allow more room for design and to be more environmentally friendly.


Q  We are planning wedding ourselves and we need a bit help.

We are here to help! Apart from designing and making flower arrangements, we also offer small planning services, which includes prop hire, furniture hire, welcome sign, photographer, table chart, etc. Talk to us and we can sort something out for you. 

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